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Kendall Jenner Tall and Lean and Long and Hiding in Woodland Hills

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I guess Kendall Jenner is back from her school, err, work, trip to Thailand and in need of a haircut, naturally. So she hit the salon in Woodland Hills with her tall and lean and un-Kardashian like body flaunted in a bare midriff top and tight trousers as the Brits would say. I know the Kardashian gals expect to only get the cameras on them when they want them, not necessarily at all times, but Kendall is becoming harder and harder to miss and she better get used to her popularity and faptastic class citizenship. It's not going anywhere so long as the family keeps wanting to fill the piggy bank. No, not Khloe. That's mean.

Kendall Jenenr, you are all grown up. It's play time. Did you hear that? I just blew the whistle. Let's make this happen. Enjoy.

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