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Katie Cassidy Bikini Photos Cause My Quiver to Quiver

I've been in lust with Arrow hottie Katie Cassidy since before I could rightfully make mention of such things in polite company. Not that I've ever been in polite company, but I always liked to assume that some day that might happen. We don't get to see much of David Cassidy's finest achievement in candid photos, but when she suddenly appears in a little bikini on the beach in Miami, do count on the fact we will there to gape with a slack jaw at her slender fine visual wonderments.

Granted, Katie's bikini is not quite as skimpy as the Brazilian models on the beach, and she is wearing the obligatory idiotic Hollywood lady Panama hat on the beach lest the sun touch her fair complexion, still, there's no hiding wet and glorious female form goodness, not since Spandex was invented and the ladies got more support from smaller outfits. Thank you Spandex and thank you, Katie Cassidy. I shall not soon forget that strapless bikini top on your fine chest. Enjoy.

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