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Kate Upton Cleavy In A Low-Cut Top In NYC

Actress and professional hottie Kate Upton is the queen of cleav in a low-cut black top in this shoot in New York. Kate is hot in various ways but the plunging neckline in this ensemble show off her perfect chesticles. Seriously, they can be seen by most of the tri-state area. Her legendary ladies are perfect. They are like the Platonic ideal of what the human breast is supposed to look like. This outfit has the right amount of cleavage with just a hint of side boob. As a rule, normal cleavage will stop even the most intelligent man in his tracks. Kate's redonkulous boob valley stops traffic all the way to the Jersey turnpike. She's also got an extremely tight pair of jeans on. Like, hug every nook and cranny in just the right way tight.

Kate Upton is one of those women that looks like they were created in a lab by some kind of hot woman mad scientist. A Dr. Frankenboobies, if you will.

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