Kacy Anne Hill Topless Ginger Lust Crush Madness Begins


It’s probably not widely known, but I happen to have a lose-your-shit kind of thing for redheads. I don’t mean the temporary dyed reddish girls. I mean the true blue, err, ginger girls with the freckles and the green eyes who look like they stepped right out of my Irish Springs fantasy shower scene.

Enter Kacy Anne Hill. Oh, that I might. Featured doing unspeakably kind things to one lucky car in this memorable Ward Robinson photoshoot, Kacy immediately rockets from relatively unknown to me, to a ginger lust crush for whom I would conquer all of Europe and parts of the Subcontinent just to impress. Or, you know, maybe show her my Skeet Ball prowess or something simpler. Kacy Anne, we have a date with destiny. Enjoy.