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Julie Gonzalo Bikini Pictures Bring Boobtastic Dallas to Miami Waters

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If you happen to watch the re-boot of Dallas on TNT, you know, because you're social life is pretty much in the crapper and the basketball game ended and pressing the channel to change the remote seems like too much effort, you may already know Latina hottie Julie Gonzalo who plays Pamela on the show. And if you don't know her, well, say howdy and welcome to Egotastic! to the sextastic curvy lady splashing around the shores of Miami in her showoff two piece.

I personally always have space for new celebrity hotties in my bikini vault of goodness. It's not a fixed space room, the libido grows to accommodate the ever expanding lexicon of visual wonderments. I have a lovely spot set aside for Julie Gonzalo in which I'm sure she'll feel comfortable, you know, other than the sight of me knocking on her door every two minutes asking her to come out and play. My imagination is a demanding fella. Enjoy.

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