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Jourdan Dunn and Magdalena Frackowiak Hot Photoshoot In NYC

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Jourdan Dunn and Magdalena Frackowiak were doing what they do best in New York City this week: being super hot. The girls were posing for Express and donned some pretty revealing sports outfits. There was plenty of bar-midriff, cleavage, and hip hugging workout pants to be had. To show the exertion that the clothes can endure, the ingenious photographer had them jump rope. Is there any exercise more wonderful for a spectator than a girl with bosoms like Jourdan or Magdalena jumping rope? Maybe jumping jacks, but I think jumping rope allows for a more static view of the bouncing awesomeness. I think that when jump rope is played in the Olympics it should only be done by girls like Jourdan and Magdalena and they have to wear skimpy sports bras. Think of the super slo-mo cam.

I'm just mad that I didn't know this photo shoot was going on in my city. I would have gone to ogle in person. Missed opportunity.

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