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Jennifer Metcalfe Crazy Hot Brunette Bikini Goodness in Dubai

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Dubai looks like a happening place. I hear it's like the Laughlin of the Middle East, if Laughlin were crazy ass expensive and employed slave labor. But the beaches look nice as does the high class celebrity vacationers, the likes of Britty brunette soap star Jennifer Metcalfe who unveiled once crazy fine bikini body along the desert shoreline. Damn, I just looked again. I'm reminded of a beach vacation I once took with a girl who looked just like Jennifer that actually didn't take place in the real world, but in virtual space. Someday, those virtual vacation girlfriends will be so real, you'll hardly notice you're trying to lick sand off the thigh of a hologram.

Jennifer Metcalfe, I have me eyes on you. Please tell me this is a multi-bikini vacation. You have so much more to give. Enjoy.

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