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Jennifer Lopez Hot Pink MILFtastic Goodness on the Set of American Idol

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I guess American Idol will just continue to go on and on until there's just one person watching it, which is fine by me so long as Jennifer Lopezand her sweet MILFy body in hot pink shows up to the set regularly for us to view. I could care less which crying teenager becomes the new Idol nobody pays attention to two months on, but I care deeply for the enduring booty goodness of Jennifer and her still quite toned dancer body. Jenny seems like she might be a bit much in the girlfriend department, so I've shortlisted her on my FWB go-to list that I go-to when I really want to imagine crazy hot stuff that is likely never to happen.

There is something about these ladies in their 40's getting busy with young boy toys that just seems to make them shine. I'm sure some vaunted scientific institution will eventually do research on this subject more in-depth, but, for now, let's call it the Happy Vajayjay Syndrome. It's looking might fine on J-Lo. Enjoy.

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