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Georgia May Jagger Shows Of Midriff In Rimmel London Ad

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Georgia May Jagger revealed her perfectly muscled stomach in a shoot for Rimmel London. Mick Jagger's little girl is all grown up and looking smoking hot in these pics. We talk a lot about breasteses and booties abut we don't discuss the wonders of the bare midriff enough. Especially if it is as perfect as Georgia's washboard stomach. Add to that the fact that she has both a lovely bosom and a gorgeous face and you've got yourself a magical combination. Bare midriff, however isn't all about the stomach. It goes all the way around and, with her low slung jeans, you get the hint of the top of booty. This is also an under appreciated patch of skin. Why do you think people find a lower back tattoo so damn hot?

She certainly got her model mother Jerry Hall's looks but she got her dad's swagger.

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