Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: Street Fighter Crossed With Flappy Bird is the Dumbest Thing You’ll See Today

Have you ever wondered how life would be, if we all had an in-built wait, that’s some pretty stupid and/or useless shit, right there; don’t do that alarm? Some would say that we do, and it’s called the brain, but screw them and their smartassery.

Well, first and foremost, we wouldn’t have to be subjected to this sort of wank. Could we not simply enjoy the world being rid of Flappy effing Bird? The weight of its highscore screenshots was too much for Twitter to bear. Like Instagram’s photos of people’s meals, only slightly more dickish. And even after its timely death, seven trillion rehashes were released. Fall Out Boy’s craptacular Fall Out Bird was, we can probably all agree, a bird too far.

But we’ve already bitched about all of that. Earlier this week, the bottom of the crazy barrel was being scraped further by… Street Flapper. Street Fighter II given the Flappy Bird treatment is… dangerously close to being amusing. Here, instead of suspiciously Mario-esque pipes, our goal is to avoid the rubbery extend-o-limbs of yoga master Dhalsim. Check it out after the jump; it features legendary sound effects and disembodied limbs dangling from the ceiling like Vlad the Impaler has stopped by.

Via Destructoid. Hit the link to download this weirdness, if you’re so inclined.