Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: Snoop Dogg, Call of Duty Announcer (VIDEO)

Snoop Dogg Call of Duty
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Now, a lot of us are rather partial to a little Call of Duty. Of course we are. But what’s the one thing the franchise has always been missing? Snoop-mothereffin’-Dogg, that’s what. Thankfully, Snoop himself has heard our cries, and has insisted on being included in the new customization pack for Xbox One.

Microsoft didn’t want him to, presumably, but you don’t eff with the Dogg. If he tells you he wants to be a Call of Duty announcer, you can bet your balls that he’s going to be a Call of Duty announcer. Because he’s the kind of badass renegade who will not and cannot be stopped.

So next time you and your homies are popping caps in asses online (fo shizzle), you’ll be treated to Snoopisms such as:
“Squad member active. A brother from another mother.”
“Don’t stop. Cap ‘em and shank ‘em. Crizzay.”
“Ballistic vest ready. Those are some fine assed threads.”
“Rack up points by reaching the enemy portal. You dig?”

We do dig, Snoop. We dig in a big freaking way. This hits April 22, and we’re all kinds of on board.

Via Kotaku.