Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: A Grand Theft Auto/Disney’s ‘Frozen’ Mashup Starts Friday Right (VIDEO)

GTAFrozen Mashup
This is no way for royal ladies to behave.

Sure, we see how they arrived at this. The homicidal, drug-dealy, criminal-underworldy world of Grand Theft Auto and the toontastic cutesiness of Frozen. It’s a match made in… well, Crazy Town.

Or perhaps it isn’t. Let’s take off our cynical pants for a moment, and remember that Disney can be pretty darn gritty as well. Remember Scar throwing James Earl Jones Lion right off a freaking cliff in The Lion King? Or the death of Tarzan’s hairy-assed gorilla friend? This is rough stuff, right here.

Damn it, we promised ourselves we wouldn’t cry.

Anywho, yes, some enterprising Youtube-dweller has, in an unusual move, brought Frozen’s Princess Anna into GTA IV. We don’t remember her singing Let it Go. Nor do we remember the song being so f-bomb happy. Hell, we don’t remember watching freaking Frozen in the first place. But if you’re in the market for innocuous-looking heroines laying some regal smack down on the LCPD, this little doozy fits the bill perfectly.

boblester122, via Kotaku.