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Emily Ratajkowski Sexy in Shay Todd Swim April 2014

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Emily Ratajkowski is smoking hot in the April 2014 Shay Todd Swim catalog. The model, who jiggled her way into our hearts in Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines video, wears a variety of tasty outfits in the catalog. Emily sports some tiny bikinis and flowing beach wear. Me likey girls in sundresses. Is there anything sexier in the summertime then a thin beach coverup clinging to a woman's body due to sweat and sea water? I wish this catalog would come to my house. Do people even get print catalogs anymore? I remember as a young lad waiting by the mailbox for the Fredrick's of Hollywood catalog. That''s where I learned about wonders like crotchless panties and g-strings. It was a rite of passage.

Emily Ratajkowski is so beautiful that she could pretty much model anything and make it hot. She could wear nothing but one of those satellite dishes they put on dogs when they are neutered and make it sexy.

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