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Emanuela de Paula Brazilian Hot for Next Swimwear Summer Line

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Well hello there, Brazilian model hottie following in an epically long line of Brazilian model hotties. Not that I don't know (and or have memorized the body curves) of every single Brazilian stunner, including Emanuela de Paula who lends her exotic good looks and sweet female form to the pimping efforts of Next Swimwear and their Summer 2014 collection. Yep, summer is right around the corner. It's the big brother so Spring, which has promise but can't quite deliver like Summer.

Emanuela de Paula is most definitely hot enough to be my girlfriend. In fact, she's several leagues of sextastic beyond my remedial threshold. I can only hope I'm lazy and disturbed enough to be her boyfriend. She sure seems like she'd be a fun date to go bikini shopping. I'd insist she try on many. Enjoy.

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