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Deimante Guobyte Black Bikini Hotness Flashes Front and Backside Curvy Goodness

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Lithuanian sextastic bikini bodied model Deimante Guobyte continues to hold her own quite nicely in the informal sweet lady body competition along Miami Beach. Though that lucky bastard Maxwell might be her current boyfriend, I'd like to think that someday I'd have a shot at being the guy who tells Deimante how damn amazing she looks in her new black bikini, while she's in the process of putting it on. Or, even better, taking it off.

Deimante has no actual weak side. Her toned but soft booty seems just about perfect to me in one equally luck thong, while her front side is plenty enough to bring delightful suffering to the tons of gentleman oglers along the South Florida shoreline. She's the complete package who I'd kill to complete just a little bit further. Deimante, you're no longer playing fair. Enjoy.

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