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Cameron Russell Bikini Photoshoot for Calzedonia

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Cameron Russell brought her talents to bear in this super sexy photo shoot for Italian bikini designer Calzedonia. Cameron fills out the bikinis in ways most women can only dream of doing. Her boobs look like they were the reason that the good Lord invented the bikini in the first place. I think it's in the Bible somewhere. There are also several pics in which she has "I'm at the beach and my hair is wet and full of sand" look that gives me an extra special feeling in my bathing suit area. The thing I like most about Cameron, besides that her ample sweater hams and tight rear, is that she's really smart. She gave a Ted talk about the modelling industry and how people are judged by their looks.

Maybe I'm old fashioned but I think a smart woman is friggin' sexy as hell. It doesn't hurt that she's also incredibly hot in the traditional sense as well.

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