Brooke Burke MILFtastic Workout Posing for Skechers

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When I see Brooke Burke, that song I Will Always Love You comes into my head as I imagine finding a sitter for Brooke's thirteen to twenty-two kids she has birthed and renting a room for two at some upscale roadside motel. You know, the kind that breaks the $49,95 price barrier I usually restrict myself too with ordinary dates. Brooke Burke is hardly ordinary, the 40-something MILF showing off her toned body, recovered from all that child making, not to mention a scare with cancer, just still lust-inducing exceptional showing off for a Skechers ad shoot in Los Angeles.

Hot women don't get older, they only get more worldly and desirable. Brooke Burke is the classic example of a woman more smoking than ever before. And I'm not just saying that so she'll choose me to be her boy toy on the side. I don't want to ruin her marriage, just make it better by taking pressure off her husband to satisfy her sexual peaking years desires. I am a helper. Enjoy.

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