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Booty! LeAnn Rimes Flashes Her Cans in a Bikini Bottom on the Beach in Malibu

For all the gossip and rumors and innuendo about LeAnn Rimes these days, I like to focus on just the positive, namely, her shapely bottom in a bikini. Life can be super simple if you just narrow your perspective to what really matters, like nice rumps on the sextastic celebrities of your choosing. And LeAnn has added a few lbs. since her leaner days and her bottomside is much richer for it.

While LeAnn kept her top on at the beach, she did flash some sweet cheeks in her bikini bottom getting in and out of her various vehicles, showing off the asstastic of a woman I'd love to have ask me to check her thumper for sand after a day on the beach. She might be kind of crazy, but I might be kind of crazy in lust with her seat bottom. There's always a way to find a happy connection. Enjoy.

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