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Bella Thorne Serves Up Her Cleavage In Waitress Outfit

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Disney princess Bella Thorne was spotted in LA on the set of her new music video in a skimpy waitress uniform. The pink and polka dot outfit ensured that anyone sitting at her station would get a good view of her golden arches. It's not really a very practical outfit for waitressing. The skirt is too tight, which is nice for showing off her firmly packed assets, but doesn't allow for the freedom of movement you need when you are covering the lunch rush. Also that tiny little hat isn't keeping any of her tossled red curls styled up in sex hair fashion from getting in your soup.

Still, I guess function isn't everything when it comes to uniforms. I hope this kind of outfit doesn't catch in the food service industry. Most diner waitress look more like Abe Vigoda in drag than like Bella. I don't want to see a plunging neckline on old Dot that works at the Denny's by the airport.

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