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Ariana Grande Hot So Hot She's Damn Hot for the Cover of Her New Single

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Wow, somebody is getting all grown up and it is most definitely not me. Try hot former teen TV starlet now young 20-something singer, actress, and a around sextastic lovely passion inducer Ariana Grande. She has a new single coming out, apparently. I'm sure it will be double triple musically amazing. I'm not going to listen. But I am going to leer incessantly at the album art and photoshoot by Jones Crow that Ariana took for her album art. Single art. Music art, whatever you call it in the age of digital downloads, it's damn hot.

Ariana is slowly moving into the adult phase of her career. And I don't mean adult entertainment, though I certainly wish that were true. I mean slinky dresses and grown up makeup and poses not necessarily allowed by Nickelodeon censors. It's not quite lingerie selfies like Jennette, but if that day ever comes, look for me in aisle where they're calling for a major cleanup. Enjoy.

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