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Anais Zanotti Bikini Bottom Hot Bodied Roller Skating Through Miami

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Oh, sure, being hot and looking super shapely and asstastic and wearing bikinis on roller skates around town probably seems like an easy job to have in life, but here's the trick, see if you can make a living doing it. French stuntwoman and model and all-around lovely lady body Anais Zanotti has turned showing off her ridiculously hot body into something of a professional art form along the beaches and parkways that dot the Miami area. There's something about a crazy hot girl with an outrageous rack and booty in roller skates that will never ever go out of style. Not so long as my light is still burning.

Anais Zanotti reminds us that that great looking women can look great doing just about anything. I'd watch Anais knit a sweater and be quite content. Provided she was on roller skates. Enjoy.

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