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Amy Willerton Shows Off Bikini Bod In Spain

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British model and TV personality Amy Willerton displays her tea and crumpets in a smoking pink bikini in España. The Britannic beauty was there on vacation. She wore a pair of cut of jean shorts to the beach and then took them off to reveal her pink clad booty. I have a feeling she knew she was being photographed because she was jumping up and down and posing. Maybe leaping into the air is just the way she gets around. I am fully on board with this method, particularly if you are endowed the way that Amy is. Is there anything more lovely on God's Earth than a pair of bouncing breasteses? I think not. It's also important to have a good bikini body in Spain. That water is too friggin' cold to go swimming in. The ocean can hide a lot of sins, (like hairy man boobs), if you spend all of your beach time submerged up to your neck.

Amy doesn't have that problem. She gives all of those smarmy Eurotrash guys with beer guts and Speedos something to be smarmy about.

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