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Amber Heard So Sultry Hot in Black and White

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Through all her personal hills and valleys, I guess more hill than valley since she's given up her once awesome lesbionics, Amber Heard remains simply one of the hottest women on the planet, capable of providing so many visual wonderments in a variety of poses. In the new DT magazine, Amber goes blonde once again to prove she can really appear in any guise and still provide the thrills that only the upper tier of sextastic ladies can. It's a little bit Marilyn, a whole lot of Amber Heard.

I will admit that I shed a little tear when Amber decided to stop scissor kissing other female model girlfriends. That there was something beautiful and special. But her life, her choice, and as sad as seeing her move back into hanging with some boring actor, as with all crazy good looking women, I must pretend to respect her decisions. Amber, if you ever go back, call me, I'll bring my camera. Enjoy.

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