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Alessandra Ambrosio Red Hot Cleavy Goodness Pimping Something Shmata in the Big Apple

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I'm not sure what Alessandra Ambrosio is selling in New York, but I'm going to go ahead and just assume it's her devilishly angelic MILFtastic goodness. It might also be that dress and some silly designer clothing and whatnot, but really, let's be honest, the woman makes the dress. If that particularly woman made the 'undress', I'd probably not be able to type for some time, though sadly Alessandra did seem to restrain herself to just show off her cleavage and some tight, toned midriff from all those Pilates workouts we've spied her sweating out.

It seems pretty easy to be a clothing designer when you can afford the likes of Alessandra to come model your wares. She'd look amazing in a bed sheet barely wrapped around her stellar long lean female form. I guess somebody made a few more cuts and stitches to the bed sheet and is calling it high fashion, but we ogling gentleman know the truth. The birthday suit is the only piece of women's apparel worth the price. Enjoy.

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