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Xenia Deli Wicked Hot Bikini Pimping

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The hottest thing to ever come out of Moldova just got a little bit hotter as Xenia Deli took on the pimping hot assignment of modeling Luli Fama swimwear for their summer season spectacular.

I've been in deep lust with the deeply dark and alluring Xenia Deli since first I spotted her, at least since I first learned how to properly spell her name. I like to think she feels the same way about me, but that seems incredibly unlikely. Still, I'm told that dreamers own the world. And seeing Xenia and her perfect bikini bottom working so effortlessly to convince some untold number of women to buy these very same bikinis, well, I like to think that draws the two of us closer. Me and Xenia I mean. Not you and I. I feel like we're already too close. Enjoy.

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