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We Keep Getting Older, Cindy Crawford Hotness Stays the Same

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It's really the reverse of the classic Matthew McConaughey line from Dazed and Confused. Cindy Crawford good looks just seem to be frozen in time for the past twenty-five years. Featured in a new campaign for Omega watches, Cindy shows off her allure, passion inducement, and still wicked hot body to pimp timepieces I suppose. Hard to say, but it's definitely working.

It's impossible to calculate how much delight Cindy Crawford has brought to men and Sapphic leaning women through the years. It might be infinity times something or other. But it's a lot. I guess they don't give out national holidays for this kind of achievement in benevolence, but they ought have one day a year when we honor the ladies who make morning wood possible. Of course, we do honor them here daily. Cindy Crawford definitely deserves a seat at the table of champions. Enjoy.

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