‘Watch Dogs’ Returns With a Release Date and a Whole Lot of Ass-Kicking (VIDEO)

Watch Dogs Release Trailer
It's a hackin' shootin' good time. With topless women.

It’s been relatively quiet on the Watch Dogs front of late. Ubisoft have gone a month or so without thrusting the hypetastic game into our every orifice, which will not do at all. But fear not, because another slice of homicidal hacker action has arrived.

In this spangly new trailer, some additional plot details surface. Aiden Pearce was once a routine hacker. Y’know, the sort of dude who would change his school’s website so the homepage made scathing remarks about the size of the Principal’s wang. When he happened upon classified intel, it all got a little guys-with-guns-knocking-at-4am. A hit was placed upon him, which went awry and resulted in the death of his daughter.

Which is, quite clearly, enough to send anyone on a revenge-y crime spree. And this isn’t a guy you want to piss off. Quite apart from his tech access and prowess (did hitting a damn button on his magic cell phone just black out the whole of Chicago?), he’s got some rather fancy point-blank gun moves. Can you do that in Grand Theft Auto? You bet your ass you can’t.

Elsewhere, it’s confirmed that we can get our Watch Dogs on from May 27.