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Taylor Momsen Up Arrow Points Toward Her Lady Nest and a Great Week Ahead

I'm not a man who believes in too much superstition. Though I do believe in certain kinds of signs. Like arrows. They're relatively easy to interpret, which is why we use them so much to provide direction. I guess Taylor Momsen feels the same way with the arrow painted on her nekkid body for promotion of hew new album, Going to Hell.

It's hard not to read this vector as a general positive. While it may have been shot pointing down toward her bare tender bits, it takes but a click of the mouse to send Taylor's arrow in a much luckier horseshoe direction. Oh, that she is quite the show-woman. Not so afraid of risks. And a sign for us here at Egotastic! that it's going to be a great week in sextastic celebrity reveals. Keep your seat-belts fastened. Enjoy.

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