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Selena Gomez Bares Her Heavenly Midriff for Adidas Shoot

My belusted little Latina diva has me so twisted in knots these days. On the one hand, Selena Gomezis looking finer than ever. On the other, she's back once more with The Devil's Midget in some inexplicable love connection that has seen her in and out of rehab, not to mention public WTF?s all over the place. And rightfully so, I might add.

Selena was showing off her taut little midsection for an Adidas photoshoot in New York City, looking every bit the grown up woman we've watch pass into yummy adulthood. Her petite frame still hosting what seems like a long carressable tummy that seems like the perfect place to subtly lay a hand or more daring body part. Selena is getting all grow'd up now, even if some of her personal decisions still resemble her powers of logic circa grade school age. Enjoy.

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