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Sarah Harding Spectacularly Body Suit Hot in Concert

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Looks like somebody's been working out. And, no, not me. It's Sarah Harding, who I first fell in lust with during her Girls Aloud days, not that I owned the albums, I just liked to... yeah, never mind. The point is, Sarah Harding 20-year old version was hella hot, and Sarah Harding the 30's something revived and rehabbed pop star is even better.

I love sextastic ladies as they grow up a bit into wicked alluring divas in body suits. I'm not sure if the  youngin's like Miley will be able to make this transition, but Sarah surely has, looking ridiculously hot in concert at the O2 Academy. Those toned legs, oh my, how they could teach a boy a lesson about making sweet music. Enjoy.

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