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Paris Hilton Dressed to Shill in Dusseldorf

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At any given time, at somewhere in the world, Billionaire Barbie is decked out in some tiny outfit selling something she owns a piece of. I guess you have to give her business props for her active pimping lifestyle. You also have to wonder why the rest of the world is so incredibly enamored with the heiress that they seem to want to buy anything and everything she is selling. Silly rest of the world, we'd never fall victim to the commercial appeal of empty-headed pseudo celebrity figures in the U.S.  Cough, cough, Kardashians.

Paris was in Dusseldorf, that's in Germany I'm told, at the International Beauty Fair, which sounds like a pretty lofty self-imposed title for a convention, but, the perfect place for the blonde heiress to sell many of her licensed brand makeup and beauty care products. Do you want to look like Paris Hilton? She does always look her best for these events. Cha-ching. Paris wins again. Enjoy.

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