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Paris Hilton Baring Midriff for Super Important Shopping Trip

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When you're Billionaire Barbie, you can't afford not to look your best. You just know the paparazzi you tipped off to your presence are going to be following your every move. So even when you're going out shopping to look simply amazing at your next big promotional event, you need to look stunning. It sounds awfully complicated, but Paris Hilton seems to revel in it.

With her dog and her Ferrari in tow, Paris flashed some of her tight midsection beneath a stripety outfit that was certainly not designed to camouflage her presence in Beverly Hills. She made a nice show for the cameras. I've seen her work the cameramen in the streets before. She's quite the skilled turner and smiler and flasher and shower. It's like watching a ballet of sorts. When you're Billionaire Barbie, you're always on the clock. Enjoy.

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