Nina Agdal Sextastic Legs Beneath a Short Skirt in Miami

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I'd never tell a woman how to dress, but if Danish Delight Nina Agdal were my girlfriend, as she likely will be someday, and she asked me what to wear, I'd probably reach for one of three answers: nothing, me, or short skirt. Pretty much in that order too. I'd gladly accept the last give how wicked hot Nina looks in a short skirt with her tanned toned legs providing this stem man with a view that makes him want to do something profound, like carve a statue or build a house or get a real job.

Realistically, I'll probably do none of those, though if anything could get me to be productive, it would be Nina's long hot legs. Wowzer. A sextastic woman has so so many ways to work her magic. Enjoy.

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