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Nina Agdal and Sara Sampaio Twin Sweetness for bebe

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What happens when you put the hottest girl from Denmark and put her together in sexy wardrobe preening aside the most sextastic girl to ever come out of Portugal? Well, I get a five minute break to catch my breath and various and sundry other private and personal activities.

Wow. And I don't usually say that about a woman's wear line of catalog pimping shoots. But Danish Delight Nina Agdal and Sara Sampaio together in one single frame with four amazing funbags and two wicked hot bodies. Yes, please, send me the catalog. Or just the girls please. I've got a solid part two idea for this particularly themed shoot. We won't sell many dresses, but when the fire department arrives with the Jaws of Life to detach me from Nina and Sara, I will have quite the glory days story to tell my grandkids. Enjoy.

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