Nikki Lund Models Her Own Damn Bikinis Co-Designed With Richie Sambora

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You know I'm a maven when it comes to fashion. Wait, does maven mean I care not a whit? Well, this is true, but bikini fashion is clearly different. It's man-worthy viewing. So is seeing fashion designer Nikki Lund posing in her own bikini designs co-created with Richie Sambora for their Nikki Rich clothing line.

It's influenced by all sorts of fancy words and fun modern adjectives and the like. But mostly it's Nikki in a little bikini. That looks like fashion to me. And who doesn't want to be wearing a Richie Sambora co-designed bit of material against their nekkid skin. Well, I don't. But Nikki Lund seems to be delighting in it. And, really, that is all that matters. Enjoy.

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