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Nicole Aniston Is Back and Bikini Pimping the H20

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In what has to be the one hundredth hottie photoshoot for 138 Water which nobody can seem to find on shelves, matured themed entertainer Nicole Aniston provides the body of art for yet another wicked alluring bit of agua pimping. This time Nicole is in Venice, showing off her tightly formed all-woman body in a bikini top and a skirt that she doesn't let get too much in the way. Nicole is most definitely what you might call physically fit. If you've seen her film work, you know she's also quite flexible and definitely knows how to hit her marks.

What is the real motivation behind these sextastic shoots? Hmm, we may never know. I do know we'll keep ogling. Everybody has their part to play in this grand charade. Enjoy.

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