My, ‘Titanfall,’ What a Fancy-Ass Launch Trailer You Have (VIDEO)

Titanfall Launch Trailer
The Titans have landed.

All the better to separate you from your cashtacular, my dear. Just imagine Red Riding Hood as the dudely gamer-dudes of the world and Wolf Grandma as Microsoft, and you’ve just about got it.

So, anywho, Titanfall arrives in stores tomorrow, and it’s about darn time. The game has been hyped and hyped until EA could hype no more, and early impressions suggest that it is something special indeed. Believe the hype is the word web-wide, but it’s quite a disconcerting idea. How often have we taken a kick of bitter disappointment to the man-plums after a release has failed to live up to its promise? Too damn often.

But not so here. A unique blend of FPS-ing, parkour-ing and crushing puny man-face in giant mechs is something everyone can get on board with. The recent beta attests to this, with many players reporting ‘pissed undercrackers’ after a match or two. Swivel your eyestalks towards the trailer above, and behold.