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Minka Kelly Sweaty Stretch Pants Goodness Leaving the Gym

Minka Kelly is on my list of the ten most boring celebrities in Tinsel Town. But she's also on my list of one of the hottest. This raises a complicated dichotomy for me that is easily resolved by listen to happy Phil Collins music while blankly staring at Minka's sweaty taut body leaving the gym in Los Angeles.

Not only is Minka flashing some of her perfect derriere, but those sweaty marks on her front side are making me very jealous of her sports bra. Yes, you can be jealous of inanimate sweaty objects pressed tightly up against Minka Kelly's warm chest puppies and still be quite normal. I hope. Minka may not do that much so super exciting, but sometimes you need to add the spice yourself to make the dish hot. That makes no sense. Enjoy.

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