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Metisha Schaefer Bikini Pictures Bring the German Hammer of Hotness Down on Miami

Miami Beach is rough and getting rougher. Hot models from around the world are now just pouring onto the beach like a reverse horseshoe crab mating ritual, making competition to be ogled all the more tougher. I'm not sure how the men in the area aren't all suffering from eye and neck strain, not to mention another muscle for which you would be too embarrassed to go see a doctor about your sprain.

The latest is Metisha Schaefer, a German hottie magazine model who also appears on Telemundo because she's an international kind of girl, don't you know. Metisha seems to be rather comfortable with her body, with a little extra sweet cushion for pushing me away as I attempt to ask her for her phone number in multiple languages I've not come close to mastering. Including English. Welcome to the Miami battlezone, Metisha. Rack up your bikinis and let's get this started. Enjoy.

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