Melissa Ceja and Bella DoubleD Bikinis Now Officially in the Miami Beach Ring

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Let's get it on. Enter the booty models and MMA ring girls in tiny bikinis determined to get their hot bodies in the informal formal hot body competition taking place on Miami Beach. You may not have heard of Melissa Ceja and BellaDoubleD before, but if you just examine the names for a bit, not to mention their visual displays of asstastic on the beach, I think you too will find yourself with a certain rooting interest.

I can't help but feel there's some whistle going out at a frequency that can only be heard by hot bodied young women calling them to join the faptastic worthy festival in South Florida along the shoreline. I can't hear the whistle, but I know it's ringing. The migration of skintastic bodies is just epic this year. If you're not in Miami, good luck convincing me you're somewhere better at the moment. Enjoy.

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