McKayla Maroney Sharing Bikini Top Selfies Is a Very Good Omen

I may not be a particularly superstitious man, but I am a largely uneducated man, so I do definitely believe in omens. When gymnastics darling McKayla Maroney shared a short video of herself on social media over the weekend in her stripety bikini top, well, I have to take that as a harbinger of something magical about to happen this coming week.

I have no idea what it is, or when or if it will come, but that ole bunion of mine (might be just a spider bite) sure is tingling something fierce. Now this McKayla Maroney delightful share. It surely seems like something is brewing in the sextastic winds.

As always, all I can do is advise patience and prayer and it never hurts to lay down a protective sheet of plastic or velum over anything of particular value. Hold on for the ride. But I'm assuming you're already ahead of the game on that front. Enjoy.

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