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Lucy Mecklenburgh Bikini Body Hotness Paddles Across the Pond to Miami

You know I have a thing for the TOWIE girls in the U.K.  Not so much the times they're uttering things aloud, but definitely big on the moments they get to show off their female fineries in the public eye, all the more so when they take their regular warm weather holidays.

Lucy Mecklenburgh made her way to Miami, perhaps the single toughest strip of beach to make it visually big in the world right now, and she left quite an impression. The paddle board as a prop to sextastic bikinis shows never hurt. It adds the element of athleticism and intrigue I suppose if your board gets swept up in the local current and you wind up beaching in Cuba. I'd send in a Marine force to go rescue Lucy if that were the case. She's not even from our land but I still consider her sweet bikini body something of a national treasure. Enjoy.

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