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Kim Kardashian Thumper Shown Off in Bright Red

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I'll say this for Kim Kardashian and her wardrobe people, they sure have figured out how to accentuate the curvy positives while removing the eye from the thicker midsection. It's some magical voodoo that they do so well. It certainly helps that Kim's giant thumper is bigger than ever it seems and constantly being shown off in public in tight, form fitting, bright bottoms. I can't imagine how damn tight Kim's wedding dress is going to be for her third time at the altar, but I'm going to guess you'll be seeing a mountain of cheeks beneath her expensive bridal gown.

Kim's latest booty exhibition took place in Beverly Hills, where she took Mr. Double Bingos out for a walk in a super bright red tight skirt, you know, just to be on the down low. It didn't work so well and Kim's big bottom got photographed from every which way but loose. Funny, she didn't seem to miffed by the attention. Go figure. And, go leer. Enjoy.

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