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Kim Kardashian Badonkadonk Reaches Epic Proportions

We've been talking for a couple weeks about how to stand out amid the crowd in the brutally model-filled Miami Beach area. I guess Kim Kardashian came up with an entirely new plan, as she is want to do. Just bring out the biggest booty the world has ever seen this side of, well, this side of anything. That badonkadonk was barely contained in a tight skirt as Kim made her way around Miami promoting the opening of yet another Kardashian fashion outlet for young women who want to dress like a Kardashian.

Kim did a wardrobe change about half way during the day to show that there actually is a midsection somewhere in there between her large funbags and that ginormous thumper of hers...

But the day clearly belong to the bushels of buttockal she has stuffed under her skirt. Quit telling me not to watch, it's impossible not to. Oh, sure, maybe if you were fortunate enough to be born with self-restraint. I was not, sir. Enjoy.

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