‘Infamous: Second Son’ Launch Trailer Brings the Face-Melting Badassery (VIDEO)

Infamous Second Son
Good karma? Evil karma? It's your choice.

Imagine the bastard son of Roald Dahl’s Matilda and Stephen King’s Carrie. Pa explained to us during our birds and bees talk (we were 25 at the time, but we couldn’t help being late bloomers) that two sets of lady-parts do not a child make, but nuts to that. Such a dude does exist, and his name is Delsin Rowe.

Our rather labored point is that the star of Infamous: Second Son has some funky-ass powers. This is the kind of guy who will greet a woman who teleports toward him, leaving a trail of purple shit behind her, with a nonchalant ‘sup? That’s just the kind of badassery you can expect from this PS4 exclusive.

The Infamous series is known for its free-roamy, explodey, shooting-energy-beams-from-your-hands-y goodness, and that’s certainly at the forefront of Second Son. The gameplay above is a fancy little combat showcase. Watch as laser beams fly everywhere, heads melt, shitty beanie hats are worn and Rowe wall-runs up a skyscraper.

Look out for the game from March 21.