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If You Were Neymar, Bruna Marquezine Would Be Your Girlfriend

And, by girlfriend, I mean the girl the Brazilian soccer star officially dates, because let's be honest, 22-year old multimillionaire professional athletes aren't the most monogamous types. And, let's not judge them so harshly on that, shall we.

This is Bruna Marquezine. She's a hot girl in Brazil who's on some TV show you don't watch, but suffice it to say, she and Neymar are an item for now. I'd call him lucky because I'd kill to be in his place, although I know it's probably Bruna who feels lucky to be a Brazilian girl who has snagged a Brazilian soccer god especially during this year of the World Cup in their home country. That will pretty much make her royalty this summer. Her and that magically large thumper of hers. Okay, yes, I'm feeling the jealousy starting to kick in. Must go. Enjoy.

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