Heidi Klum Fun Bikini Bahamas Vacation Time

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Heidi Klum truly is the do-it-all MILF. Not only has she produced something in the neighborhood of twenty-two children, but she's keeping her bikini body in mommy bikini shape as she runs her empire for the week from the Bahamas, chillaxing as the kids say, beneath the warm Caribbean sun.

Heidi may not have the exact same body she did as a young woman, who does, but she keeps it tight and natural and has very European sensibilities about showing off as much skin as possible even when a responsible mom at the beach. I can truly respect that. And I would like to tell her so while relaxing in her Bahamian hotel suite as she announces I'm her next boy toy of the month and proceeds to use me at will. It's the dream. Enjoy.

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