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Good News Bad News for Our Belusted Selena Gomez

Let's start with the good news. I always start with the good news, just in case time is cut short, I want that out there. Good news, Selena Gomez is looking hot and healthy and tanned and rested and showing off her goodness on her now resume concert tour in Texas. This is a great sign for our belusted Latina pop diva who has been having some rough times of late. She clearly looks back. And I have been staring at minxy goodness for the past 30 minutes, so I should know.

Okay, bad news. Hard for me to speak aloud really, but Selena was spotted in the coffee shop presence of The Devil's Midget over the weekend. I'm not exactly sure how bad bad love can be. I've had a few run ins with it myself, though I can't see I've ever been caught up in an actual spawn of Satan himself. Close, but not blood relations. I guess rehab in this area didn't stick to well. Let's clear this once and for all, Selena. It's your last big step toward greatness. Enjoy.

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