Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: Lady Gaga Loves Her Some ‘Minecraft’

Lady Gaga will not and cannot be stopped. She has talents we non-famous mortals can only dream of: warbling her poptastic craptastic into a microphone, cavorting about on stage dressed as a scrotum, showing her undercarriage to anyone in the vicinity with a zoom lens, and… y’know, all those other things she’s so adept at.

But who the hell knew she also has such a proclivity for video games? Well, anyone who pays attention to her music. Which isn’t anyone around here, that’s for damn sure.

Now, you don’t have to be subjected to one to know that Gaga’s music videos are usually a shitstorm of weirdness. That’s just how she rolls. And we care because the clip for her latest single, G.U.Y, took an oddly nerdly gamer-turn. It’s a crazy-ass cameo from Minecraft, in which Gandhi and Michael Jackson are brought back from the dead.

This follows the Wii nunchuks cropping up in her earlier Bad Romance video. What’s next, Lady G cruising along the red carpet with only a length of string and a Game Boy covering her cooch? If she hasn’t already, it’s so hard to keep up with her exhibitionism. Her list of Stupid Shit to Wear Over My Genitals Before I Die must be pretty much complete by now.

Via Kotaku; hit the link to check out the offending moment from G.U.Y.