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Fernanda Uesler Ups the Miami Workout Heat in a Colorful Bikini Top

Intense. Miami intense. Anybody who thinks the Heat are the hottest show in town are not paying attention to the dozens of models from around the world descended upon Miami Beach to both show off their wicked hot world class bodies, as well as shape, tone, and tan those female forms just to stay in the game.

Fernanda Uesler is a natural. By that I mean she's Brazilian. She was born with a distinct advantage in the bikini body game. But don't think she's taking that sextastic foundation for granted. Oh, no, she knows what it takes to be on the medal stand at the end of the day, so she's working her body fit in a bikini top right along the sandy shores. Leg raises, sprints, other things designed to lengthen her muscles and make the gentleman onlookers suffer. With all the shizz going on around the world today, you need only look at the migration of hotties in Miami Beach to know what gives me hope for humanity. Enjoy.

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